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6 Reasons to visit Saruni Mara

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Exclusive Location
Saruni Mara is nestled into the secluded hills of the Mara North Conservancy, with the wide open game plains to the south and lush forest to the north. Guests can explore the world renowned Mara-Serengeti ecosystem in complete, uninterrupted exclusivity in this private and protected conservancy.

Maasai-Guided Safari
One of the most remarkable aspects of a safari at Saruni Mara is the fantastic guiding experience. Guests are guided by Maasai warriors, who eagerly share their ancient customs and local knowledge of the landscape and wildlife. Over and above being professionally qualified, our guides are members of the Maasai tribe who are the proud custodians of this incredible wilderness, and who have known this area as their home for centuries.

Community Focused
Saruni Mara is a founding member of the Mara North Conservancy, which provides jobs, income, training and guidance for the local Maasai people. Tourism directly supports conservation – by visiting Saruni Mara, you are directly giving back to the community who protects this beautiful land, while at the same time encouraging the purpose for conservation.

Wildlife Encounters
Mara North Conservancy is teeming with wildlife. The Mara Serengeti ecosystem, of which Mara North is part, has the highest density of predators and plains game of any wilderness in the world, and is home to the most thrilling, awe-inspiring natural spectacle on the planet – the Great Migration. Game drives are action-packed and guests are guaranteed incredible and unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Unique Warrior Programme
At Saruni, we offer a unique programme called ‘Warriors Academy’ where guests spend a few days learning the survival skills of the revered Maasai warriors – taking part in teaching in the same way as a junior warrior learns to track animals and craft tools on the plains of the Masai Mara. This is a particularly exciting activity for families with children.

Elegant Cottages
Saruni Mara is the only small, deluxe lodge in the area. Each room is beautifully designed and stylishly furnished according to a theme, such as the Love Shack, the Photographer’s Studio, the Observatory, and the Natural History Suite.

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