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6 Reasons to visit Saruni Samburu

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Wow! Location
Saruni Samburu is located in tribal lands to the north of Samburu National Reserve. The lodge overlooks a vast private wildlife sanctuary called Kalama Conservancy, and has exclusive access to the surrounding 200,000 acres of pristine, protected wilderness.

Incredible Wildlife
The area around Saruni Samburu is teeming with wildlife – from the giant herds of Samburu elephant coming to drink at the waterholes, leopard making their lairs on rocky outcrops nearby, to endangered packs of African wild dog seen traversing the plains below the lodge. The area is also home to rare endemic species, the Samburu Five: Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich and genenuk.

Fascinating Culture
The Samburu are the indigenous nomadic tribe and custodians of the area where the lodge is found. Guests have the unique opportunity to witness, interact with and learn from one of the oldest remaining tribes in Africa. Our guides are Samburu warriors who are professionally qualified, but more importantly, who share their authentic local knowledge, ancient traditions and customs with guests.

Innovative Eco-Design
Saruni Samburu is the first and most exclusive design lodge of its kind in Kenya. It uses eco-design in an architecturally fascinating and innovative way, where it is built into and around a giant volcanic rock face, high up with unbelievable views. It is open and spacious, blending in to and becoming a part of the natural surrounding environment. It is bold, dramatic, beautiful and truly unique.

Unique Activities
At Saruni Samburu, guests can enjoy exciting, relaxing and unusal activities. Game drives and night drives, guided bush walks and visits to the local caves, lounging at the infinity pools or having a massage at the Samburu Wellbeing Space, picnic breakfasts by the Ewaso Niro River or bush dinners in a dry river bed with firelight and Samburu dancers, star-gazing visiting the local village or browsing around the Saruni shop…days spent at Saruni Samburu are as peaceful or adventurous as you desire.

Community Focused
Saruni Samburu is the only lodge in Kalama Conservancy, and the sole source of income for the communitites found in the area. Since its opening, Saruni Samburu has provided jobs, income, training and guidance for the local Samburu people in the area. Tourism directly supports conservation – by visiting Saruni Samburu, you are directly giving back to the community who protects this beautiful land, improving their quality of life, while at the same time encouraging the purpose for conservation.

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